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Indian Rockets: Amazing Images to Make You Excited

ISRO is the official government space organization of India. Indians are very proud of ISRO and its achievements. ISRO has launched many rockets most of which are successful.

From Nike Apache to GSLV MK III, various rocket launches made by ISRO are always marvelous to watch. ISRO has gained enough technological expertise to put an Indian in an orbit around the Earth soon. Let us look at these awesome images of Indian rockets that will make you proud.

The launch of a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV C-7) in 2007

The launch of a PSLV-C50 rocket in 2020

Static Test Firing Test of the Human-rated S200 Solid Rocket Booster of GSLV Mk III Rocket

The launch of Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft to the moon by PSLV C-11 in 2008

The launch of Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft to the moon by PSLV C-11 in 2008. Indian isro rocket

Pad Abort Test of the ISRO’s Crew Module which will fly on the Gaganyaan Mission

The launch of the Rohini Satellite by the first Indian indigenous launch vehicle SLV-3 in 1981

A GSLV Mk III lifting off the launch pad in 2019

GSLV F-10 rocket sits on the launch pad awaiting launch in 2021

A GSLV Mk III is transported to the launch pad in 2017

The payload fairing of a GSLV Mk III rocket is transported by a truck

ISRO’s reusable hypersonic launch vehicle RLV-TD is transported in 2016

A top view of the PSLV C-51 rocket

The launch of the PSLV-C18 in 2011

A panoramic view of the PSLV-C42 on the launch pad in 2018

PSLV-C44 on the launch pad in 2019

The second stage of the PSLV-C53 rocket is being hoisted

How were these spectacular images of Indian rockets? Which one was your favorite? What do you like the most about Indian rockets? Type in the comments below.

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