The fully integrated GSLV Mk-III-D1 carrying GSAT-19 at the second launch pad

This Quiz on Indian Space Program Will Make You Curious

ISRO is the official government space organization of India. Indians are very proud of ISRO and its achievements. ISRO has accomplished many amazing space feats such as the Mangalyaan and the Chandryaan missions. It is also looking forward to launching Indian ‘Vyomanauts’ into space by a space program that also ends with ‘yaan’ – Gaganyaan 😏!!

If you are a fan of ISRO, or just want to know how much you know about the Indian Space Program, this quiz is right for you. ISRO makes Indians proud.

You can try answering all the questions in the quiz and check out later how much you got it right. There are 15 questions in the quiz. Each question has four options and one option is the right one. Each correct answer gives you 10 points. So let’s go to the quiz.

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Who is the first Indian to go to Space?


When did the first Indian spacecraft enter orbit around the moon?


What was the name of the lunar rover carried on Chandrayaan 2 mission?


In which ISRO Center is the rocket and launch vehicles of ISRO designed and developed?


Which is the first Indian Satellite?


Where is the headquarters of ISRO located?


Name the Indian rocket engine developed by Nambi Narayanan and his team at ISRO that is used in the second stage of the PSLV rocket.


When did the first Indian spacecraft enter an orbit around Mars?


Which is the first Indian launch vehicle to put a satellite into space?


When was the first time an Indian Space Probe touched the surface of the moon?


Where are the antennas of the Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN) required to communicate to interplanetary spacecraft located?


Who was the first Chairman of ISRO?


When did the ISRO launch Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) for the first time?


When was the first Indian launch of the reusable launch vehicle RLV-TD conducted?


Which is the first Indian spacecraft to orbit the Earth, reenter the atmosphere and successfully splash down safely in the Bay of Bengal?


How was the quiz? Do you feel more interested in the activities of ISRO after this quiz? Type in the comments below.

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