Productivity is a person’s capacity to do the work in a passionate way, without being felt he is forced to do so. Productivity is working hard and getting good results. But, many people struggle with keeping up their productivity and settle for mediocrity. Is the level of productivity an inherent quality of a person that cannot be changed? Or is it something that can be improved by the person?

The good news is Productivity is a skill that can be learned. By effectively developing this skill, you can efficiently manage your work, time, and social life. Productivity is especially important in today’s World, where the more-achieving person is rewarded and under-achievers are at a loss. Learning to be more productive will create a positive difference in you and increase your happiness. Here is a list of 10 productivity tips that can help you.

Stay Healthy

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This may sound like a piece of boring advice, but it is the most important and works 100%. There is nothing more important than your health. If you are healthy, you can be at the top of your game. You can put your mind and heart into your work.

Physical weakness will make it difficult to work. Exercise regularly. Eat healthy food. Avoid eating a lot of fast food. It may diminish your capacity for critical thinking and make you less productive at work or school. Hence. health is the most important factor in the functioning of a person. As the saying goes, ‘If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost, something is lost,….’.

Start your day with a Smile

Man walking a dog.
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Your day starts in the morning. Being in a good mood and having positive thoughts in the morning is greatly helpful for having a nice day. Take some time to relax in the morning. Go for a walk or walk your dog. Have a hot cup of tea. Have a conversation with your family.

Then you can slowly start focusing on your daily routine. If your daily routine is well-scheduled, there are no worries for the day. We will get to that topic in the next point. Having a little bit of a relaxed and happy mood in the morning will greatly enhance your productivity. You will be happy to work or study and will achieve more success in your life.

Planning is Everything

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Having a well-scheduled routine always helps. Most of your work or study involves tasks that are routine. So carefully assign the schedule for the routine tasks. Know how to do the task and be skillful in it. This saves a lot of time. Planning is the efficient usage of time to do the work.

Not having a correct plan or timetable will lead to chaos or at least inefficiency. Planning makes the correct usage of time for different tasks. It also gives a connection between the tasks. All tasks may not go according to the plan, but the important point to remember is ‘Having a plan is better than not having a plan’.

Focus on things that actually matter

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Most of the things you work on will not have much weight in the long run. If you want to stay competitive focus most on the things that actually matter. For example, when you are studying the only thing that matters sometimes is the grade.

This doesn’t apply to subjects you need very much for your future career and life. If you are studying more subjects and only some matter to you for your career, focusing on those will definitely help in the long run. And, in some of the tasks, only the results matter, not how you did it. So, focusing on the result-getting part of the task is important. There’s a saying that ‘Only 20% of the tasks you do will actually bring your success and achievements, whereas 80% of the tasks are just routine’.

Knowing how to deal with People

Meeting room.
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Most of the tasks in work and school will involve working with people. So, knowing how to deal with people is the most important skill. Dealing with people efficiently will make your work go smoothly and get you success. But, this skill is also a difficult one to learn.

Because making a change in other people is difficult. Having good and practical-minded people always helps. Avoid bad people at all costs. They will ruin your life and will never allow you to go up the success ladder. Set boundaries and never take insults. Having good and efficient people around you will make you more efficient yourself. Knowing how to deal with different kinds of people is of utmost importance.

Multitasking doesn’t always work

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You have lots of tasks to do. But focusing on things that actually matter is important. Even more important is completing the tasks smoothly as possible. Burdening yourself with tasks will only make you tired and less efficient.

Taking on tasks, one at a time will make things go smoothly. When doing a task, focus on everything related to that task. Acquiring the right knowledge and skills before getting into a task is important. You can also organize your tasks according to priority. Having a logical mindmap to divide your task into subtasks and then addressing each task will make you work efficiently.

Work or Study the things you are passionate about

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Working on the tasks you are passionate about is very efficient. Working in a field you don’t like or are not passionate about will not give you success. If you have an interest in the job, you will be able to quickly master the job.

Therefore the conclusion is when choosing your course to study or joining a job, picking the field in which you are passionate will most likely give results. If you are now stuck in a field of study or work you are not passionate about, the next time you can make a wiser decision. Having an interest in the task you do is always a big plus.

Kill Bad/Inefficient Habits

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As much as creating an efficient work system is important, removing bad habits that negatively affect your productivity is also important. Laziness, wasting lots of time on entertainment, sleeping for extra-long hours, addiction to drugs, alcohol or smoking, etc, all will make you less and less productive.

While taking rest, sleep and an adequate amount of entertainment are important, doing much more than required will delay your tasks and make your system inefficient. Cultivating good habits will always help. If you really want to achieve more success and fortune in life, putting your mind toward the tasks that need to be done is crucial.

Have the correct ideas that work

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Having a clear-cut idea of what you want to do and where you want to reach is very important. If you have long-term and short-term ideas, then you will know which tasks are important and where they will lead me.

This will make you more productive since you have a clear mindmap about how finishing the task will help me. Having a clear goal in your mind will make you focus directly on the tasks ahead and remove distractions that will make you less productive. The clearer your mind and vision, the easier the success.

Finding solutions to problems

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There are always some problems in life. To be productive one must not be upset or discouraged by problems. When a problem arises, look for the solution step-by-step. If you can’t find solutions right on, you can check different solutions and see what works.

When encountering a problem, don’t be emotional. Find the solutions to the problem logically. Logic always works. By solving the problem arising in the right kind of way, you can finish your tasks successfully and stay productive always.

Which one of these tips did you think is the most effective? Do you think you are good at keeping up your Productivity? Type in the comments below.

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